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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Out of Print, Out of Mind

Terry Whalin at The Writing Life has an excellent post on Out of Print books with some recommendations. One additional option he doesn't cover includes putting your own book back in print *if* -- and a very important *if* -- you have a market for your book! If your book has gone out of print and you haven't been actively out driving a large portion of your book sales, then there's no reason to believe it will do any better if you try to self-publish. However, if you are a frequent speaker, drive bulk sales, have special sales opportunities, or were in need of a thousand or more copies a year, then putting your own book back in print makes sense.

While rights reversion can be time consuming, the process of knowing what you can and can't reproduce from your current work can be even more confusing. Make sure you consult an industry professional to avoid potentially complex legal issues with reprints.


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