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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The POD "Publisher" Myth

I was poking around on some other blogs today and I noticed several references to "POD Publishers". In a few cases, authors were comparing "traditional publishers" meaning trade houses versus "POD publishers" which makes me especially crazy. There is no such thing as a POD "publisher". There are POD printers such as or BookSurge or Lightening Source and there are POD printers that offer authors services such as any of the above and companies like AuthorHouse. Print on Demand is merely the technology used for printing books. Even large traditional houses are using POD today -- and many many small houses are. But print on demand companies -- or any printers for that matter -- are not *publishers* per se. Publishers select your work. They read it. They care about it. They advise you. They help you brand, strategize, design. Regardless of the financial model they work from, if you're thinking about self publishing. Look for a *publisher*.


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