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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Long, Hot Blog-less Summer

I have a million excuses. If you're an editor, I know you've heard them all. (As an author, I'm sure you have a few creative ones yourself.) But I'm copping to the fact I've been a bad, bad blogger. So, while we get this back on track, I'll catch you up on our summer so far!

  • Tim is sleeping again! This corresponds directly to the fact that the triplets are old enough to be sleeping themselves. So, we have Tim's brain back! Yea!
  • Bryan is finally in Indianapolis! This weekend marks his move from Bloomington to Indy making it easier for us all to get together without him blowing a day on his commute.
  • I finished the Danskin Triathlon in Chicago! Thanks to author and triathlete extraordaire, Sally Edwards, I trained for and finished the Danskin Triathlon in 2 hours and 25 minutes which is pretty good for my first time. Actually, I had a great trip and Sally, who is the spokesperson for the entire Danskin Triathlon series, was an inspiration. She was there at the start line and at the finish -- and I know she checked my time because she had emailed me before I was even home from the event! Thanks to Sally and also, many special thanks to author Susan Kane who had a lovely dinner the night before for myself and several trainers and execs from Heart Zones. With 4,000 women competing, it was a pretty awesome weekend. (Plus, nothing much can describe the true sense of accomplishment I felt when I came up the beach from the swim and saw I was only a minute off my best training time.)
On the business front we have some exciting and big news that I can't quite blog on here yet, but we'll have more in a few weeks. Let's just say Book Expo was incredibly productive for us. Our first two books are doing well and we have a busy pub schedule for the fall. Our early 2007 is shaping up and we're actively encouraging anyone (agents or authors) with seasonal books for spring to call us now.

We'll have more news and commentary as we go, but for the first post catching up, we thought everyone needed an update. Here's to a break in the heat -- and better blogging!